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Works in Progress


The film version of Pamela's most recent adventure, a several month journey across America. 



SHE; A collection of humorous, heart-wrenching and insightful vignettes about a life, told in the voice of the child, the girl, and the woman.

EDITOR: Lisa Bruhn


Where Do You Go, My Darling?" A children’s book about make-believe and daydreams.

EDITOR: Lisa Bruhn


MOLESKIN” - The Blog: a sort of IFC for writing? A site to showcase your work and celebrate it’s worth. Because there exists an atrocity of brilliant ideas and gifted writers relegated to slush piles, condemned to silence and obscurity by the glut of submissions and corporate bottom-line priorities. So do this one for yourself, for all of us. Write. Read. Share. Here. Now.

In collaboration with Aaron Matlen.

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