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In between are her marriage and children, her persona as wife,  mother and now grandmother – the heart of her; the author as her best self. Her future remains to be seen, and to be told.


There are more projects in the works.


Pamela and her husband have recently completed a several month journey across America which is being made into a video/film. Details to follow.


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My Writings

Pamela Bitterman’s first book, Sailing To the Far Horizon, her own story of life, loss, and survival at sea is graphically biographical. It encapsulates the author as product of the first thirty years of her life.


Muzungu, the story of the author’s unlikely escapades throughout Kenya, picks up on that journey a couple decades later.


Her award winning nonfiction, "When This Is Over, I Will Go To School,And I Will Learn To Read” – A Story of Hope and Friendship for One Young Kenyan Orphan, is told in the voice of one small boy, and illustrated by the orphans with whom the author worked while in Africa.


CHILD, You are Miracle, is a homily published By World Vision as the Inspiration Page of their November 2010 magazine.



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